3D Flying Camera System


Our intelligent camera rig is a fully remote cable or track design system that provides motion along any axis, providing a unique and spectacular range of perspectives.

An aerial suspension system that is quick to rig and comprises free-running bespoke high-speed skates that can transport any Moy/Mitchel remote camera mount. Completely programmable

or manual operation, with or without ‘safety’ programmed no fly zones. The entire system offers a noiseless environment and is also ideal for working around dialogue.


  • Ultra high-speed system, capable of achieving sustained speeds up to 14m/s with loads up to 250kg.
  • Allows dramatic sweeping shots, rapidly covering large distances and swooping high to low over and around obstacles, buildings etc.
  • Employing advanced and highly intelligent flying camera technologies.
  • Bespoke winches, drives and software enable unrivalled accuracy and repeatability.
  • A 6 or 8-line 3D Wire System, state of the art skates and high speed pulleys ensure stability and smooth movement throughout the flying envelope.

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