The Flying Grip

& Camera Company

we are an unique collaboration between a Key Grip and Supervising Wireman with a collective total of over 60 years experience working within the industry.

As well as giving an expert insight into the understanding of camera movement and shot achievement, the company has the added factor of unparalleled wirework using an exclusive and the most advanced winch system of it’s kind, the only camera wire system to be fully SIL3 compliant.


  • We offer Film and TV Productions a fully comprehensive service in all aspects of Wire Effects and Flying Wires: from design through to rigging procedures and floor supervision on set.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and communicate your ideas, to clients and agencies worldwide.
  • Wire FX is a constantly evolving process, and our company strives to satisfy an ever hungry market with the ability to create innovative and unusual ideas necessary to captivate audiences.
  • We also supply a vast variety of "Direct-Wire-Rigs" that cater for the current trend in action shots from; Chinese-style, 'Matrix' style Martial Arts, to ballet enhanced 'Crouching Tiger' theatrical movements.

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