Bespoke Design Winches, Drives
& Software

High Speed -
Stunt & Action Winches

These include state of the art hybrid design high speed stunt winches with phenomenal acceleration up to 25m/s/s, pulling over 2 G force. These winches will permit uniquely designed action moves that will take the breath away.

Completely SIL-3 compliant to permit  interaction over a live audience performance. A bespoke design that can be adapted for any venue or requirement. Totally versatile for high speed vehicle chases and collision environments. Supplying safety and action coordinated moves at super high speeds.

Velocity network

The Velocity network provides the tools and flexibility to write complex cues and is not dependant on any centralised piece of equipment, hardware or software.

The speed of the network allows for real time monitoring, failure detection and a simplified multi layered safety system.

By virtue of the integrated nodes sharing a redundant, load sharing, real-time network, all damaged data is immediately rerouted. This ensures any problems are instantly alerted to the operators, allowing them the opportunity to implement real time solutions, rather than post-analytical explanations.
The nodes are in constant communication with each other, reporting their current status (position, movement, direction, velocity, health and history of the node).

Therefore, all winches literally talk to each other and will notify each other of any problems, then programmed to simultaneously react to the failure, ensuring accuracy and safety at all times.
Full technical data can be supplied on request.

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