Our Camera system is a fully Remote-Controlled Cable Design, that provides Tracking, along various axis, which provides a unique and spectacular range of perspectives. It consists of an Aerial Suspension System, that is relatively quick to rig, comprising of a free-running Skate that transports the camera mount, Hot Head and a suitable "Three Axis Stabilising Head" such as the Libra V, Scorpio and Flight Head.

It is capable of housing most 35mm Cameras, the most frequently used to date would be the ARR1 435, preferred to keep the weight down on the rig, with all images transmitted to the operator with a wireless connection where central computer software feeds the high spec winch drums which are driven by servo motors.

A single pulse links from the motion control directly into the hot head mount, stabilising three axis heads into the Shutter Speed, which effectively permits a totally recordable and repeatable, hands-free operation at the push of a button, identical and Guaranteed.

Our Skates cater for HD stabilised mounts with integrated cameras and lenses. On board batteries are transported on a wireless remote system for easier access to difficult areas on location. Camera position and Velocity may be altered during the shot and programmed moves may be overridden if required, making it totally flexible! The entire system offers a noiseless environment and is suitable for dialogue requirements.

Camera head controller

  • The camera head controller allows the Velocity software to program, record, adjust and speed-scale gyrostabilised camera heads.
  • The system can run anything from a single simple winch up to an enormous multi-object interrelated 3D flight system, and anything in between.
  • Totally customisable scree, allowing configuration to suit the application. Ability to import complex 3DS models, and Maya Flight Paths for the flight path and camera movement.
  • Reset times in seconds, with repetition to millimetre precision.
  • A safe pre-render function allowing you to run complex cues before running them in real life, enabling collision detection in advance.

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